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The market of products for building,  remodeling or construction has been expanding these years. As a fast-growing business, J&W Marble Inc. has always been looking for new blood to join us in order to serve better, as a bathroom and kitchen wholesalers. 

Position: Sales 


Job Description:

  • Responsible for planning, implementing and directing the sales activities of the company in a designated area to achieve sales objectives.


Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Develop a sales strategy to achieve organizational sales goals and revenues through effective planning and budgeting

  • Delegate responsibility for customer accounts to sales personnel

  • Co-ordinate sales action plans for individual salespeople

  • Monitor the achievement of sales objectives by the sales team

  • Provide feedback, support, training and coaching to the sales team

  • Assist with the development of sales presentations and proposals

  • Co-ordinate and monitor online sales activity

  • Investigate lost sales and customer accounts

  • Forecast annual, quarterly and monthly sales revenue

  • Develop pricing structures

  • Formulate sales policies and procedures

  • Prepare sales budgets

  • Control expenses and monitor budgets

  • Maintain inventory control

  • Analyze data to identify sales opportunities


Education and Experience:

  • Business degree or related professional qualification

  • Experience in all aspects of planning and implementing sales strategy

  • Proven experience in customer relationship management

  • Knowledge of market research

  • Relevant product and industry knowledge

  • Experience with relevant software applications



  • Experience Required: 2 Years

  • Education Required: Professional

  • Job Type: Employee

  • Job Status: Full Time

Position: Warehouse Clerk 


Job Description:

  • Analyze and continue modify warehouse work flow to achieve optimal efficiency and best serve customers.

  • Oversee and maintain warehousing, receiving, distribution and maintenance operations.

  • Comply to federal or local legislation requirements for warehousing, material handling and shipping by studying and understanding existing and new legislation, enforcing adherence to requirements and advising management on needed actions.

  • Control inventory levels by physical counting and reconciling with accounting system.

  • Record warehouse damage, analyze causation and devise preventative methods to minimize repeats in the future.

  • Maintain physical condition of warehouse equipment, inspecting, scheduling regular maintenance and issuing orders for repair or replacement.



  • Proven warehouse management experience at least3 years

  • Expertise in warehouse management procedures and best practices

  • Leadership to coach, discipline warehouse staff

  • Capable of identify issues and solve problems

  • Effective verbal or written communication skills

  • High ethical standard



  • Experience Required: 5  Years

  • Education Required: High School or equivalent

  • Job Type: Employee

  • Job Status: Full Time

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1751 W. Lincoln Ave,

Anaheim, CA



Tel  626-620-5049

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